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Our Story


and the Rosto brand


Girare: To turn
Arrostire: To roast

The word GIRARROSTO in Italian literally means TURN (gira) ROASTED (arrosto). There are GIRARROSTO shops all over Italy, serving spit-roasted deliciousness and local Italian street food. We have selected some of the tastiest goodies from different regions and islands of Italy to create our ROSTO menu.

The ROSTO Brand

The ROSTO™ concept and name pay homage to origins steeped in history and tradition from the Italian peninsula. Our logo is inspired by the old yellow channel letters signs from the 1950s that shopkeepers put above their shops to tell everyone they had a spit.

In the 21st century we may have electricity to turn our spit – but one thing has NOT changed – We still cook in front of a wood fire for succulence and flavour that can’t be beaten!

Our heritage

A menu, thousands of years in the making

Over millennia, the Italian region has continued to give the world innovation and ingenuity when it comes to food and drink. There is such a broad and deep culinary history, that the pizza and pasta Italians are known for only scratch the surface of their cuisine.

Food is in their blood. They have been roasting birds on spits since the Etruscans in 700 BC. 2000 years ago the Romans were making focaccia. In the 1200s, in Salerno, they invented the system that gave rise to modern day distillation. Leonardo Da Vinci’s manuscripts contain nutrition and kitchen design advice.